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Cygnet the Advocacy Management System

Whatever type of advocacy you provide, Cygnet can be set up to manage your projects
and funding streams for your current work and any future project you may be awarded.

You may provide issue based advocacy for children, older people, the disabled, or those with Mental Health issues.
You may also provide IMHA and IMCA services or NHS complaints advocacy, and also be facilitating group advocacy or outreach   services.
What Do Our Customers Think?
"From the outset our users found that Cygnet was very easy to use, even by those with limited computer skills..."
Katy Tate, Deputy Director, Bradford & Airedale Mental Health Advocacy Group
"We have recently been awarded new advocacy projects and the systems set-up facilities allowed us to add these new funding streams and start work straight away. Any support issues have been quickly dealt with..."
Sarah Marchbank, Derbyshire MIND, Service Manager

"We manage many advocacy projects and the ability to produce a detailed report for each one that combines open and closed cases, client and non-client time, issues and all diversity statistics is a considerable time saver..."
Jacqui Jobson, Newcastle Advocacy Centre,
Advocacy Centre Manager
"Cygnet is very easy to use which is of great benefit to our team given that we have permanent, volunteer and temporary advocates with varying levels of computer skills. I would be happy to recommend Cygnet to others..."
The Advocacy Project, London, Director
"We have complex reporting requirements for our advocacy projects which Cygnet deals with effortlessly, combining all the different elements into one final Excel spreadsheet..."
Teresa Wells, SWAN Advocacy, Wiltshire Service Manager
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