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Cygnet the Advocacy Management System
Ease of use

Designed for advocacy from the outset it is no wonder that the most repeated comment we get about Cygnet is its ease of use. Wherever possible the system ‘auto fills’ information when activity is being entered and the use of custom picking menus keeps a clean consistent set of data.

"From the outset our users found Cygnet was very easy to use, even those with limited computer skills."
Security and Stability
Cygnet uses SQL Server as its database engine. This corporate standard platform provides excellent multi-user stability and performance. Cygnet will run on SQL Server Express, the free version. Users can be set to see just their cases, the cases in a particular project (s) or ‘all’ cases.
“It also gives a great deal of flexibility when setting user permissions to projects and client records.”
The system works in a standard Windows server configuration and can also be used in a remote desktop environment for multi-office and home working scenarios. Servers can fixed or web-based.
“..especially as it allows them to work from other offices and from home.”
The system allows the user to add as many projects (funding streams) as they wish. Group advocacy and outreach projects can also be managed.
“The system’s project set-up allowed us to add these new projects and start work straight away.”
Client Records and Activity
As well as standard personal information required to manage a client, the system records referral factors, appointments, reminders, client contacts and detailed activity and file notes conducted by users. Safeguarding alerts and risk assessment information can also recorded.
“Being able to amend work activity types, issues, referral sources and other system areas gives the system flexibility.”
Cases and Issues
A client can have multiple cases and each case can have multiple issues. This is the best approach to overcome the differing views of what represents a case and what represents an issue, as the organisation can decide how it is used for each project.
“Added to this, they have a good understanding of advocacy processes which allowed for effective training and an understanding of our differing monitoring needs."
Evaluations and Outcomes
Whether you evaluate at the end of a case, or evaluate at the beginning and the end of a case, the method that Cygnet uses for setting questions and answers and recording outcomes can be used.
“The inclusion of an evaluation and outcome recording system that allows me to set questions, answers and scores for each different project is a great time saver.”
My Work Space
A great view for the logged on user. It displays that users open cases, appointments, reminders and supervision action points, with navigation directly to the case in question.
“The ‘My Work Space’ area is an excellent feature, allowing each user to see a snapshot of their cases, appointments, reminders…”
Reporting and Analysis
Cygnet has a very comprehensive reporting area that allows detailed statistics to be produced for all recorded elements within the system.
“We have some complex reporting requirements for our projects which Cygnet deals with effortlessly....”
“A wide range of reports can be produced which allow us to analyse and provide detailed information to project funders and internal management....”
“The reporting area is excellent, with fully completed spreadsheets being produced in seconds that total every piece of project information in one sheet....”
Non-Client Time
The system provides an area for each staff member to record their personal details and contact information. It is also in here that non-client time is recorded, team meetings, training, outreach etc.
“Whether we are adding new clients, entering case time and events, or adding non-client time to our budgets, the use of familiar user interfaces make it an easy system to get going with.”
General Contacts
An area that allows users to record details of the organisations and professionals that they do business with. As well as being handy to look up contact details, these contacts can also be grouped which is useful for producing lists for newsletters and similar activities.
Safeguarding and Risk Assessment Recording
Each Cygnet client screen allows the user to record multiple formal safeguarding alerts and multiple risk assessment entries.














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