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Cygnet the Advocacy Management System
New for 2014  
Detailed risks can be recorded for each client, along with when and at what stage the risk was identified, and any actions to be taken.
Cygnet has always allowed reports to be output to Word, and Excel formats. This new feature takes things a whole lot further. The user can specify detailed criteria before the production of the spreadsheet and the subsequent results can be for multiple projects.
Report Output Options
As well as being able to output reports in Word and Excel formats users can also produce pdf copies of any on-screen report. Additional utilities include the ability to view multiple pages of a report whilst in Print Preview.
Cygnet new updates
Enhanced Security Options
Additional security options give you more flexibility and make it easier to set up which case files users can or cannot access.
NHS Complaints Section
Should you conduct NHS complaints advocacy we have added an additional section for recording details and outcomes specific to this type of work.