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Cygnet the Advocacy Management System
Screen Shots
Home Screen
System navigation, case searching and adding new referrals
New Referral
New referrals are entered through this screen, which provides many auto selections for a lot of the information that is required
Client Screen
Once the referral has been entered, all clients, regardless of advocacy type, are managed through the same client screen layout. This screen shot has the case activity tab showing. Note the area for linking a risk assessment document and how the ‘Important’ note area is coloured in if there is an entry
Cases and Issues
Each client can have multiple cases and each case can have multiple issues. This client currently has 1 open case and one case that has been closed. Each consists of one issue. The user can decide how this best fits each type of advocacy project.
My Work Space
This screen lists open cases, appointments, reminders and any supervision action points for the logged on user; with navigation directly to the case in question
Adding Activity
Users can add activity for any activity types that need to be tracked or recorded. These screens have been designed to ‘auto fill’ most of the data. Travel time and mileage can also be added if required
Menus and Settings
This is where the system manager sets what is required for their organisation on the selection menus and lists within the Cygnet screens. The screen shots show the user adding or amending the live project list and adding or amending the Ethnicity list
General Contacts
An area to record contacts, professionals and organisations that you may need to contact. Each contact can be assigned ‘Mailing Groups’, and Cygnet will then produce a mail merged letter, envelope or mailing label set for any particular group
Staff Recording
This screen allows staff to record non-client time and can also manage their course and qualifications, supervision action points, leave, CRB details etc. Staff can produce reports of their activity time from here if they have not been given ‘rights’ to the reporting suite
Reporting and Analysis
The reporting area can report on all elements of the data in great detail, as well as giving the user Excel lists of the raw data should any bespoke reporting be required
Reporting and Analysis Examples
Cygnet provides a large array of reports. This screen shot combines a few snippets from some of the reports
User Security
The system manager has the flexibility to restrict users to cases they are the named advocate or coordinator, or to restrict users to viewing cases in particular projects. The number of days an activity can be edited can be defined and there is similar security to restrict what staff records users can view
Detailed Excel Reporting
Cygnet has always allowed reports to be output to Word and Excel formats. This new feature takes things a whole lot further. The user can specify detailed criteria before the production of the spreadsheet and the subsequent results can be for multiple projects
Risk Assessment Recording
Detailed risks can be recorded for each client, along with when and at what stage the risk was identified, and any actions to be taken